About me

My story begins in 1996 after finishing drama training in Gothenburg, Sweden. Commercial radio was a novelty and they searched speakers to read advertising. At the same time, I participated as an actress in some films and thus became the film and media my primary work areas for many years. A few years ago, I chose to focus on acting and voice over acting full time, having also worked part-time in education. My career then took off in earnest, and today I had time to participate as an actress in several feature films, drama documentary, a variety of corporate films and television series. One of the most enjoyable challenges so far in the TV series genre is when I got the opportunity to portray the role of Katharina Stanovic, a Russian star surgeon, in the SVT humorseries Vårdgården.

“Jag, Christopher Panov, har haft det stora nöjet att få ha jobbat med Mimmi Kandler under inspelningen av Komediserien “Vårdgården”(Baluba för SVT 2015) som jag regisserade. Mimmi är ambitiös, begåvad, målmedveten, duktig, lyhörd och full av entusiasm. Hon utstrålar trygghet och erfarenhet som smittar av sig på hela produktionen och kollegor och får mig som regissör att njuta fullt av mitt yrke. Mimmi är en fröjd att jobba med – varje dag.”

-Christopher Panov;  Director

I have done more than a thousand recordings worldwide, including the audio book The Masterpiece/Mästerverket at Storytel and a number of documentary films, along with countless information films and commercials etc., and the missions are becoming more and more challenges, both in film and media, which gives me the opportunity to continue doing what I love most.

For me, acting contains so much, as a bureau with many drawers, visible and hidden, in various designs. For each box you open, you will find something new and exciting that makes you astonished, touches you and makes you reflect and dream. A journey through life, practically and emotionally. As an actress, I see it as my job to guide you as a viewer through this bureau, through both the visual and the verbal. The voice is important, just as important as the physical expression, as well as the ability to design the interior, the historical, the psychological and the complex emotional life. Through their own experiences and their own knowledge to put themselves in another person’s experiences and characteristics and thereby form an interesting and believable character for the viewer to absorb, and then react to what happens there outside in the encounter with the world outside… It is my assignment. It’s my calling. It’s the bureau, I want to invite you to discover through me.

“Some people come to the film set and they deliver what you have envisioned. Then there are actors like Mimmi Kandler that gives the whole crew new energy and that takes the time to listen, to gives you exactly what you asked for. But then, at the same time, makes her own interpretation that gives me, as an director, new choices and new dimensions of the character that you wouldn’t have imagined making the character more complex and really come to life. This lifts the whole scene and in the end the movie.”

-Dennis Petersen;  Director



I would love to listen and I’m eagerly waiting to talk to you regarding your project.